Oral sex, also known as fellatio, can be an incredibly pleasurable experience for men when done with skill and attention. Here are some clear and direct techniques and recommendations to improve your mastery of this art.

First, communication is key. Ask your partner what he likes and how he likes it. Every man is different, and knowing his specific preferences will give you a great advantage.

A good technique is to start with gentle and slow stimulation. Use your lips and tongue to gently trace the glans (the head of the penis). The tongue can be a powerful tool: experiment with circular movements and long licks, varying the pressure to see how your partner responds.

Suction also plays an important role. It's not about sucking hard but creating a vacuum sensation around the penis. Start with gentle suction and gradually increase the intensity. Remember, consistency and rhythm are essential to maintaining pleasure.

Another useful technique is to use your hands along with your mouth. One hand can twist and glide gently at the base of the penis while the mouth works on the top. Make sure both parts are well-lubricated to avoid any uncomfortable friction. Saliva might be enough, but don’t hesitate to use a water-based lubricant if necessary.

Pay attention to the testicles as well, since they are a highly sensitive erogenous zone. You can gently caress them with your hands or tongue, always being careful not to apply too much pressure as they are extremely delicate.

Rhythm is crucial. Vary between slow and fast movements, and pay attention to your partner's reactions. If you notice he is greatly enjoying a particular technique, maintain that rhythm for longer.

Finally, attitude and confidence make a big difference. Showing enthusiasm and enjoying the act will heighten the excitement for both of you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative, as long as you stay in tune with your partner's reactions and preferences.

Remember, oral sex is an act of intimacy and mutual pleasure. Taking the time to learn and improve your techniques will not only make your partner feel incredible but also strengthen the connection between you two.

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